Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giving Challenge: Day 2

30-Day Giving Challenge

Today is the second day of the giving challenge, and I am loving reading the amazing ideas that everyone has been coming up with! You can read what other people have been giving by checking out the list of blogs at the bottom of the 30 Day Giving Challenge blog (and if you are participating you can link your blog there as well).

This morning I gave my time to my husband who needed some things at work, that he didn't have the time to come home and get. One of the things I gave him was our vacuum, because his store doesn't own one (they don't have any carpet, he needed it for cleaning the oven filters...). This did take away from our homeschooling this morning, but the kids are doing great, and I think we will catch up just fine!

Have you given something today? If so I would love to hear about it!
(Leave me a comment to tell about it, or share your blog link with me. :)

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