Friday, November 5, 2010

Giving challenge: Day 5/ Friday Funnies!

30-Day Giving Challenge

Day 5 of the giving challenge is upon us, and as it turns out, Friday also brings the Friday Funnies!

So for my giving today, I am hoping to give you all a laugh! For starters, my dear sweet 2 year old daughter, just walked out of my bedroom with one of my bra's over her stuffed dog's eyes... it kind of reminded me of that scene in WallE where he does something similar, only to himself... Anyway! What I had planned on sharing was this video (the end is the funniest!):

So now that I have given you all laughter (litterally), I hope you all have a happy and joyous, funny Friday! For more Friday Funnies, check out Homesteader's Heart!


  1. OH that's funny. My fake laugh would end up with me in hysterics from trying to fake laugh. LOL!

    Have a great day!

  2. Funny,I was listening so intently,and realized I was making facial expressions and laughing for REAL!
    Thanks for visiting LazyonLoblolly.Have a great weekend.

  3. LOL! Mine would probably be the one little 'ha'. Thanks for the laughs! 8-]

    Have a JESUS-filled day!