Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 4 / Writer's Workshop

Mama's Losin' It

As always Thursday brings the writer's workshop. I thought about this weeks prompts for quite sometime. I even went so far as to look up information on the only actor I ever really paid attention to growing up, Brad Renfro, however I had forgotten his name and searched the wrong guy first. I don't know where I came up with that name... I didn't recognize any of the movies he was in... Brad Renfro on the other hand, played Huck in Tom and Huck. I wouldn't even really say that he was my favorite actor, but the rest of the world was going crazy of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, so I picked the other guy. :) I never knew anything about him other than that he played in Tom and Huck... So I decided that I never really had a favorite childhood actor, and that prompt 1 really wouldn't work for me.

So I moved on to prompt 2: A post you regret publishing... I try not to regret anything, but look at everything as a learning opportunity. So this prompt really didn't work for me... (Although I'm sure that everyone reading this probably regrets it :)

That brought me to prompt #3: If you had made a career out of whatever you were passionate about when you were ten…what would you be doing? I changed my mind often on what I wanted to do as a child. I wanted to be a mechanic and work on cars (I even went to college to do this), I wanted to be a semi truck driver like my Dad, I wanted to become a youth pastor at one point, and I always wanted to be a writer... I guess that I am kind of full filling the last one as I write my novel for National Novel Writing Month. (I am at 6,528 words... but I haven't worked on it yet today.) I also volunteer writing (and editing) devotions for teen girls. But I wasn't sure which one of those I wanted to do at age ten, so I thought it best to move on to the next prompt.

"A hair disaster" was prompt #4, and while I had a hair disaster not to long ago, I already blogged about it here. So I thought that would be repetitive, so I moved on to prompt #5...

Describe a moment when you saw someone hit their breaking point... Yeah, I got nothin'.

So in the end I thought I would just kind of cover them all :) To read more Writer's workshop posts, please visit MamaKat's blog.


  1. Great idea, write about all of them!!

    Following you from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop!~Lisa
    I am all a twitter about life

  2. Hiya Iowa girl. We're hiding everywhere, aren't we?

  3. haha, i love it. Hey, I wrote the wrong week's prompt, know...there's that! ;-)

    Also, it's a good thing you didn't go with the first prompt, because Brad Renfro? Died in 2008. and that would have just been a sad post. Instead, your post made me giggle.

    OH, and good luck with NaNoWriMo, I've done it 3 years running (and completed), but I took this year off.