Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Do:

Have you ever had so much to do that you don't know where to begin? Top that off with a headache the size of Texas and cranky children, and that describes my day in a nut shell.

My to do list:
Choose a college
Call the college
Call my old high school and have them transfer my transcripts to the college
Edit 2 books
Research 2 people
Review 2 books
Read a book for my study group
Set up a designated work space...?
Create some kind of schedule or timeline to help me be more organized
Clean the bathrooms
Make lunch
BE A MOM and spend time with my beautiful children
Teach my beautiful children (they are currently doing their computer work)
Go shopping
And I'm sure that I am forgetting something... I can feel it...

After writing all of this down, I'm pretty sure I should start with cleaning the kitchen (my current work space/ office) so that I can create some kind of schedule or timeline and figure out where I should start... Although, now that my migraine medicine is kicking in, I will probably start by reading my Bible, because I haven't done that yet today and it is the most important part of my day (even more important than breakfast...which I also didn't eat because my head hurt...).

I hope you have a short to do list today, and are more organized than me. :) Have a blessed day!

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