Monday, April 11, 2011

Mr. Monday

I must admit that I have come to love Mr. Monday. It's a great excuse to brag on my man! This week I am just in awe at how hard Mr. Amazing is working for our family. As many of you know he recently switched jobs, and his new job is drastically different from his old job. Because it is so drastically different they hired him on for a lower management position. He has 3 times more management experience than his boss. He is not use to working directly under some one, and that just makes the job even more drastically different from what he is use to. He is also working the night shift. He goes to work between midnight and 3am. He works for 10 hours, then he comes home and sleeps most of the day. Despite all of these obstacles he is doing amazing! He is working hard, and still doing his best to be part of the family here at home. God has blessed me so much by bringing such a hard working man into my life. I'm pretty sure that Mr. Amazing could do anything he set his mind to!

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