Monday, April 25, 2011

Mr. Monday

It's Mr. Monday, I hope you were able to enjoy some quality time with your Mr. today! My Mr. now has Monday's off, and it is such a blessing! Today we went and got our wedding rings cleaned. :) They're all shiny now :) I love how my ring sparkles for the first few days after it has been cleaned! I have tried countless times to take a quality photo of my wedding ring, but I have failed to get anything worth posting. The pictures always come out blurry :( However, I can tell you that Mr. Amazing picked it out and did a fantastic job! He knew me so well, even if he wasn't exactly the master of all secrecy...

One day when I got off from work, I had to run by his apartment to get something that I had left there. He was at work, but I had the spare key, and he knew that I would be by. While I was there I had to use the restroom, and there on the counter was a card for Shane Co. I tried to wipe the silly grin off my face and convince myself that he must be buying his mom a mothers ring for their 50th anniversary that was in just a few weeks. However, my best friend was with me and also saw the card. We had to run by his work afterwards and she of course told him. He wasn't exactly happy with himself, but he decided since I knew that he could take me with him to see the ring to make sure he was buying something that I would like. However, he wouldn't tell me what he had picked out, he wanted me to choose for myself to see if I would pick the same one. I looked at rings for what seemed like forever. He pointed out two or three that he thought I might like, and then leaned on one of the counters while I looked through the countless cases (for those of you who are as naive as I was, the counter that he was leaning against had the ring he had chosen in it). He finally had to tell me which ring it was, and of course I loved it! I'm just horrible at making decisions. I just knew that I didn't want anything big or with a thousand diamonds, and I didn't want something that stuck out so far that it would snag on things. (I'm practical, what can I say).

What about you? Did your Mr. pick out your ring or did you do it together? Can you tell us about the first time you saw it?

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  1. Very sweet! We picked out my first ring together. He suprised me with the second ring on our 7th anniversary. I had seen the ring at the jewelry store when we were visiting his mother one year. The diamond is a diamond from a ring his father always wore. It's a men's cut so it's very unusual and the story behind it makes it extra special.