Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mr. Monday

Mr. Amazing just left for work. Today was his day off, so we have been enjoying it. This morning while the boys finished up their school work, Mr. Amazing was outside working on his 4Runner. He installed fog lights and replaced one of the head lights that burnt out over the weekend. He also assigned me the task of making him a new cloth top for the summer. His hard top comes off and he loves driving without it. He has been asking me to do this for weeks, but I have been putting it off. Today I finally gave in and got to work. I obviously don't have pictures of the new one (it's still in the making), but I thought I would share a photo of last years (almost?) cloth top:

The girls LOVE riding with daddy! Well, to be fair, all the kids do, but it's so cute to see the girls in their car seats with smiles from ear to ear! Anyway, back to the subject at hand... Last year I broke my sewing machine trying to sew the top for his 4Runner. It wasn't the tops fault, more of an operator error... but that's not important. We ended up stapling a blue tarp to some tarp straps. Personally, I thought it was awesome. I loved how it let the sunlight through, but kept out all of the rain. However, the wind took it's toll on the tarp and it wouldn't have made it another year. So this year instead of using a tarp, we are using ... okay, I'm not going to tell you yet! But it's turning out pretty good. It's about half way done, and my new sewing machine is holding together great! (It came with an instruction manual, and I actually read it... no repeat mistakes!)

What kind of fun or helpful things have you done for your Mr. recently?

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