Monday, April 4, 2011

Mr. Monday

My husband is amazing! He started his new job two weeks ago, and it hasn't exactly been a bed of roses. He went from working in the food industry as a general manager for the past 20 years, to working in retail and a lower management position. This is a HUGE change. He is currently working the night shift, okay early morning shift. He goes to work in the middle of the night (between 12 and 3am), and works until 11 or 1pm. This change has effected our entire family, but obviously it is hardest on him. Yet, through all of this, he is still amazing. He is still making an effort to spend time with the family, and helps out with the kids as much as he is able when he is home. He even kept the kids while I went to a meeting last week. God has richly blessed me with an amazing husband and I am ever so thankful!

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  1. Sweet!...we are blessed with wonderful husbands.
    Lazy on Loblolly