Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I won!

This summer I signed the boys up for the summer reading program at the library. While I was doing that, the librarian suggested that I sign up as well. I thought it might be a good way to encourage the boys, so I went ahead and did it. For the kids program they got prizes for every so many hours of reading. Adults got their name entered into a drawing every week that they logged time (or pages), and then everyone was thrown into a raffle at the end of the program.

It just so happens that I won one of the raffle prizes at the end of the program! When I went in to find out what I had won last week, I got to choose one of multiple book bags. How cool is that! They had one with romance novels, one with mystery novels, one with sci-fi stuff, and one with homemaking and cookbooks (which I thought Kim over at homesteader's heart would love!), but here is the one I chose:

I am a non-fiction girl myself, and they didn't have any bags that were Christian based, or anything for writers, so the one I ended up choosing was called "Our World". I was a bit concerned that it might be full of books on evolution, but I took the chance anyway in hopes that some of the material would be suitable for teaching the children later on (and me learning a bit now).

The my prize consisted of:
"The Pursuit of Happyness" target="_blank" by Chris Gardner with Quincy Troupe. This is the New York bestseller that the Will Smith movie was based on.
"Rare Earth" by Peter Ward and Donald Brownlee. This book is about scientific reasons why complex life is uncommon in the universe.
"Over the Edge of the World" by Laurence Bergreen. This has something to do with Magellan's voyage.
"City Walks with kids: San Francisco"... this is a card set with 50 different self-guided walking tours that you can take in San Francisco. (I will probably never go to San Francisco...)
a bookmark
a notebook
3 pieces of Ghirardelli chocolate squares (raspberry, white mint, and caramel)
and a purple book bag! :)

I'm pretty sure that every woman would have to agree that books are best read with chocolate! Although, I ate all of my chocolate before I started reading the books. :) Anyway, it was really cool to win, and I'm looking forward to reading these books!