Monday, August 15, 2011

Mr. Monday

Sorry I am just getting this up! I have been super busy, and totally thought that I had already written a post for Mr. Monday!

This past weekend my dad came into town. He is an over the road truck driver, and was picking up a load just north of our house on Monday, so he stayed with us Saturday night and most of Sunday. We had a GREAT time! I love that Mr. Amazing get's along so well with my dad. We went to the lake and rented paddle boats. We also played at the park for a while:

Today we went and ran errands around town as it was Mr. Amazing's day off. Then he watched the kiddo's while I went to a meeting. I love that he not only enjoys spending time with the kids, but is also willing and able to watch them when I'm not at home! I know there are many mom's whose husbands aren't willing (or able) to do so, and I just totally feel blessed!!

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