Monday, August 1, 2011

Mr. Monday: Remember when...

I love my Mr.!! I know you love yours too. :) But I always enjoy Monday mornings (or Sunday nights) when I get to tell the world (or the handful of people who actually read my blog) how wonderful he is!

This past week I have been thinking back, back before he was my Mr. Back to the time where we weren't dating yet, but just hanging out together. Back to the time when we were falling in love. Do you remember those days with your Mr.? Well, here's a look back at ours:

We both worked at Pizza Hut, just different stores. One of the girls I worked with told me that this guy was coming to get some product that their store was out of and that I would most certainly drool over him, because he was like the best thing since sliced bread (or something like that). I therefore blew him off, and only half way nodded when my boss introduced me to him, and continued on working. However, even with my outward effort to blow him off, I couldn't help but notice his smile and other good looks. Of course, I would never let this girl think she was right, so I didn't let it show. Thus, he still doesn't believe me.

Less than a month later, my college roommate/best friends got transferred to his store. He ws the general manager and she didn't have a car, so I was her transportation. I would call him to tell him that she was going to be late for work because I got off work late, or something less responsible. He was always okay with it.

We went bowling as a group and I drove the group of us girls and he would meet us there when he got off work. On the way home he would drive behind us and gently nudge my car at the stop lights, then fly past me when we reached our turn off.

We would go workout as a group. I would pretend to ignore him while I was totally embarrassed by the other two girls oogling over his good looks. Then when we left the gym he would head home claiming to need to get sleep before work in the morning while the rest of us went out to eat, then he would spend the next hour texting me while we were at the Village Inn.

The first time that he hugged me I dropped my phone down the stairs going up to his third floor apartment... I still get butterflies when thinking about that night! LOL!

What about you, do you remember when...?


  1. AWw! Really like to hear stories about how couples met.

    Mine is more or less, "traditional" I guess you could say. Darling Groom had two younger sisters, one of whom was my best friend all through high school. Needless to say, even then we wouldn't have considered dating each other because who wants to be seen hanging out with his younger sister and her friends, lol. A few years went by and said sister was getting married. I hadn't seen her brother in a couple of years except to say hi and bye. It was right after a very difficult period in my life. I had even been praying for God to help me and if He had someone for me to please let me know so I could have strength. Anyway, Darling Groom was drafted to keep one of the groomsmen away from me, so we spent the entire day talking and hanging out. WE realized how much we had each grown and that hey, we weren't that annoying after all, lol. We began dating after that and haven't looked back since.

  2. Aww, I love remembering and hearing stories about the memories of couples :) I love it when God brings two people together to be united as one!!! So precious!