Monday, August 8, 2011

Mr. Amazing Dad

I'm pretty sure that Mr. Amazing is the best dad in the whole wide world. What other dad do you know that would take his children hiking and carry a sleeping 3 year old?

Or stop to sit by a minute with his other daughter by a stream?

Or when he isn't carrying them or sitting with them, hold both of their hands?

Or pretend that he is scared when one of them jumps out from behind a tree with a roar?

Or teach his boys to jump across a stream of water?

Then help his daughter when she couldn't do it?

Then take the kids out for ice cream and hold the ice cream cone for his little girl?

And that was just one day! Mr. Amazing is an amazing father, and I love him very, very much!!!

What about your Mr.? I would love to hear about how he is a great dad!


  1. Isn't it such a blessing to not only have a man who is a great husband, but also a wonderful father? I've been blessed as well with a husband who rolls around and plays on the floor with the kids (after working outside in 100 degree weather all day!) He lets them climb all over him and play horsey :)

  2. That's so wonderful, Gail!! It is such a great blessing!