Saturday, October 2, 2010

Boulder Falls

Last night a friend of ours came into town. We were so excited to see her! My husband got off work early to come home and spend some time with her, only to have her leave before he got here to take another friend that she had with her home. She is coming back on Sunday afternoon to spend more time with us, but she is really here to take part in another friends wedding. So we had my husband for the night with nothing to do! So we went for a drive in the mountains!

We drove through Boulder and down Canyon road into the mountains. We stopped at along side the road and Hiked up to Boulder falls. It was so beautiful, but quite a bit cooler than we expected. It's amazing what a little bit of change in altitude can do. The kids enjoyed climbing on the rocks and sticking their hands in the freezing cold water. There were a few other people on the path and we all exchanged cameras so everyone could have a photo with their whole group in it. It was wonderful.

We had a ton of fun, then on the way back home we stopped at Cold Stone Creamery in Boulder for some ice cream. Yes, I was already freezing, and the boys (including my husband) wanted ice cream. I had never been to Cold Stone's before, so it was a new experience for me. They kids loved it! I am not a natural decision maker, so so many choices made it hard for me...

After we got home I decided that I have been blessed with one of the most wonderful families ever. We might have our ups and downs, but they truly are an amazing bunch!

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