Sunday, October 17, 2010


The last week was an incredibly busy one for me! I don't know what made it different than usual, but it most certainly was! It felt like I was running non-stop and never getting caught up. I am so thankful that it's Sunday! Sunday is our day of rest. I did have to go to the grocery store... otherwise we wouldn't have been able to have dinner tonight... we were really low on food! But that's done now, and I am enjoying getting caught up on the stuff that I like to do that I haven't be able to do this week (reading, writing, studying God's know, the fun stuff!)

We went to church this morning, we enjoyed seeing everyone, but we had to leave right away so that I could go shopping before my husband had to leave for work. As of right now he has to work on Sunday evenings, but hopefully not for much longer! He starts managing the Quiznos near our house later this week!!! God is so good to us! It will mean that his schedule will change, but I don't know what the new one will look like. He might be forced to work Sunday mornings for a time... Only God knows what lays ahead for us.

Anyway, that's just kind of what's been going on around here. I have a ton more that I want to post about... but maybe later :)

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