Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nita B!

Nita is one of my best friends. I met her in college when we both worked at Pizza Hut. At the time she was one of my shift managers. Shortly after we became roommates, as we were both in collegiate housing through the college and I did not get along well with my roommates. Well, shortly after we became roommates she got transfered to another Pizza Hut. I was not very happy about this, however, in hindsight I am very glad. I took her to work and picked her up most days, and thus met her boss, who by the way is now my husband.

A year ago in July Nita moved back home to help her Grandma. We were all sad to see her go, but she was only suppose to be gone for 6 months. However, things change and she still hasn't moved back yet, though she does still plan on it.

Friday afternoon our doorbell rang, I wasn't expecting anyone, but when I answered it, it was Nita!!! I was so excited! She wasn't able to stay long because she brought another friend with her who had to be home at a certain time. But she told us that she was planning on coming by this afternoon and spending the day with us. Well, my husband had to work today and couldn't get it off, so she came by yesterday afternoon for an hour to see him.

It has just been wonderful to see her again. We have missed her terribly! Ella has especially missed her. While she was here yesterday Ella slipped and fell and when I went to see if she was okay she totally bypassed me. We all thought she was heading for Daddy, but she shoved him to the side to so that she could get to her Nita.

We are looking forward to spending more time with her this afternoon, but we are already sad that she has to go back home tomorrow morning. :( WE LOVE NITA!!!

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