Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Someone recently shared with me about National Novel Writing Month. While this is something that I thought would be tons of fun, at first I wasn't sure. Writing a novel in 30 days would take a ton of time, and I am already really, really busy! So I prayed about it, and prayed some more. And I kind of thought, maybe next year. But then I had this story pop into my head, and I am really looking forward to writing it. So I went ahead and signed up! I'm a little concerned that by the time November 1st rolls around that the story might not be so prevalent in my mind, but I think that once I get started writing it will come back...

NaNoWriMo is held every year in November. If you sign up (for free) you have 30 days to write 50,000 words. It doesn't matter if you finish or not, there really aren't any rewards other than the feeling of accomplishment. You do not have to stop writing at 50,000 words if your story isn't complete yet, and your story is yours to keep. You can publish it or just enjoy it.

The story that I have is a Christian Romance novel. I use to love reading Christian Romance novels, not so much any more, but I don't think that I could write anything else that would be considered a novel. Most of my writing is non-fiction, I don't think I have written any fiction stories for years... Anyway, here is a synopsis:

Elizabeth Coleman was still mourning the recent death of her husband when she was approached by her trusted pastor and his wife with unusual and unexpected proposal that left her baffled. Were they serious? Was an arranged marriage practical or completely outdated? How would the children react? Who were they suggesting? Would this actually work? She was still incredibly in love with her husband; could she ever learn to love someone else?

As she engages this new chapter of her life, she comes to find out that she does not have to face anything alone. Elizabeth has her church family, children and even new friends she is meeting along the way to help her through, but most importantly she has the love of her Savior. She knows that she is never alone, and that God will never abandon her. But can her faith really carry her and her family through this heart ache, adventure, and possibly even love?

I think I am titling it Arranged for Love, but I'm not 100% on that yet. Anyway, I just wanted to share with you!

For more information on NaNoWriMo check out their website:


  1. wow, i'd love to join this one..am just not sure if i can finish my novel in a month plus i have not really written one...let's see..thanks for sharing:)

  2. You don't have to finish in a month. That's the great thing about it! You just do your best during the month and then you can continue after words :) I haven't written any fiction this long before, so I'm right there with you!