Friday, October 8, 2010

Meeting Shelley

I have mentioned before that I volunteer writing devotions for teen girls for the website The author of this website is Shelley Hitz, she is an amazing Christian woman, and today I was blessed with the opportunity to meet her. Her and her husband, C.J. are on a speaking trip, and happened to be near my home! We didn't realize this until this morning, but we went ahead and spontaneously got together. The kids were a little boisterous,but otherwise it couldn't have been better. We met at Panera bread, which was only 9 miles from my house. The kids all enjoyed drinking orange juice while Shelley and I had a chance to talk. It was wonderful to finally meet her. I'm glad we had the opportunity to get together!

Shelley and C.J. speak to teens around the country about the negative influences the media can have. Besides their speaking ministry and her website, Shelley is the author of the book "Mirror, Mirror Am I Beautiful?", as well as our devotional book "Teen Devotionals... For Girls!", and her and C.J. co-authored the book "The Mathematics of Jesus".

You can learn more about Shelley and C.J. Hitz by visiting their speaking website at:

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