Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mountain Drive

We went for a beautiful drive in the mountains yesterday. As we drove up, we saw a beautiful mist in the mountains above us. And while it was not our goal to drive to the mist, that was where the road we were on took us. Pretty soon, I noticed little white flakes in the air. The mist that we had seen was actually snow!

It was so beautiful! I love driving in the mountains and seeing God's beauty all around us. I love it even more when He surprises us with beautiful things like mountain snow! It was so wonderful to watch the white snow falling against the green pine trees! We enjoyed driving through the snow and at one point the wind caught it and made it look like a blizzard across a lake, even though it was more like flurries.

Eventually we decided it was time to come home. We stopped and got some hot chocolate and some food for supper at the store and then parked beside another lake to eat. It was no longer snowing, but it was beautiful watching the water ripple across the rocks.

We decided to come home a different rout than we went up "the scenic rout" is what we called it. It was beautiful. We would have loved to get out and do some hiking but it was much too cold. We even got to watch the sun start to set behind the mountains and turn the sky beautiful shades of pink and purple.

It was a wonderful drive. I'm so thankful that God gave us the ability to be able to do so. I was very thankful while we were driving for our van, for the gas money, and just for our family. I have been blessed with a wonderful family, and I am so glad that we are able to enjoy God's creation together!

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