Friday, October 1, 2010

The Gospel According To Jesus

“The Gospel According To Jesus” by Chris Seay, would be more properly titled: “The Gospel According To Chris Seay,” although after reading it I’m still not certain that what his definition of the gospel was, or how it was involved in this book. I do know a lot about him, his church, and his beliefs though. He opened the book by addressing some problems in the church, mainly the lack of the understanding of the word righteousness (which he also failed to give the definition of), then skipped around to different things from there.

I was very excited about reading this book… that is until I started reading it. While the author has some amazing thoughts, he takes them to extremely unbiblical proportions. I would caution anyone who reads this book to be very discerning. In all honesty I wouldn’t have even finished this book if it wasn’t required of me. The interviews in between the chapters made it hard to follow, and interrupted the flow of reading for me. I think that his target audience is one that is up to speed with pop culture (aka the secular scene). If you are not, then this book really won’t hold much for you. Either way, I will not be recommending this book to anyone, as I do not think it holds much Biblical truth. Again, he had great thoughts, backed with Scripture, but taken to unbiblical proportions.

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  1. On my latest blog I wrote about a shopping trip and how I ended up with 10 books, anyways I saw this book and prob. would have got it if you wouldn't have wrote this review so thanks for keeping me from wasting my money :)

  2. It looked so good didn't it!!! I was all excited to read it! I had high hopes, only to be let down very hard. :(