Friday, October 1, 2010

Closer to home

Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is. -- Ephesians 5:17

God is so amazing to me, and His wonders never seem to cease! A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post called Expecting the unexpected. My husband had just found out that there was a possibility that he would be fired. Well, over the last two weeks, I'm not sure what has really changed there. However, General Managers are quitting the company left and right. They have lost some amazing people, and my husband was growing more and more frustrated. Somewhere in the stress of hating his job, not knowing how long he would have his job, and watching these good men walk away from their jobs, he took a risk. He e-mailed his boss and told him how he felt. That the company wasn't what it use to be and he thought they should re-evaluate somethings.

His boss called him the next day and they talked for quite some time. The conversation ended with his boss asking him to always put a positive spin on everything no matter how negative it was, but he appreciated the feedback. Also during this conversation, my husband was given the possibility to take over the Quiznos next to our home. You see, as of right now, he drives 23 miles to his store. During rush hour it takes him around an hour to get there or home (more if traffic is really bad). One of the managers that recently quit was the manager of the store that is less than 5 minutes from our home (1.5 miles). He had been told this store was unavailable, and apparently that information was wrong. So we are now waiting to hear back to see if he gets it. They first have to find a manager for his store. I had wrote this opportunity off because we had heard it was taken, so when God reopened the possibility, my heart soared. I still want it to be God's will and not my own. I want my husband to take this store. I want him to have it. I want him to be closer to home. It would be good for our family in so many ways! But I want it to be God's will.

I still feel like God is preparing us for something bigger, but this would help us be able to prepare for something more. We would have more time as a family (as he wouldn't spend so much time driving). We wouldn't be spending so much money on gas (he is even looking forward to the possibility of riding his bike to work). Just having him in the community would enable people from our church to stop in and encourage him, which as of right now, no one can do because he is so far away. I could go on, but I don't want to covet the possibility. I think it would be good for us, but I want God's will to be done, not my own. So I'm praying for God's will, and also for patience while I wait for the news...

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