Monday, January 31, 2011

Addition to Mr. Monday

Alright, I admit that I wrote my Mr. Monday post on Sunday night... Then I logged in this morning to find something that I really should have included! Lynn over at Spiritually Unequal Marriage is starting a series on how to make your husband your boyfriend. (Please note that even if you aren't in a spiritually unequal marriage, I think everyone can get a ton out of her blog!) This is the second post I have read recently about making your husband your boyfriend, and I'm loving it! So far nothing has been suggested that isn't new to my marriage, but they are things that we do so often that I don't see them for what they are anymore. So here are two really great blog posts that I encourage you to read:
Want a boyfriend? at:

and When was the last time... at:
The Goodwin Family

I highly encourage you to take the journey in making your husband your boyfriend. Even if you already do these things, take extra note of them, and let them make you smile the way they use to!

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  1. Great reminder. I read Jenilee's post last week, and it's such a great reminder to us not to let marriage be that "rut"... or at least not a permanent one. We all go through those feelings of mundane, day-to-day living, but we can all have so much more from our relationships. Thanks for posting.