Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Day

I LOVE being the first one awake in my house. It gives me time to relax, spend time with God, and just reflect on things. I haven't been the first one up for quite some time as during the summer there are birds that sit outside my daughters' room and start chirping at the first sign of light, thus they got up between 4:30 and 5ish every day. While I like getting up early, that was pushing it for me. When the birds left, my body needed to catch up on the much needed sleep that it had missed. So here I am, the ONLY one awake at my house, and I am loving it! Was it planned? Not so much. We have an electric water dish for our cats that circulates the water (I know, Mr. Amazing spoils them), and it started running low on water at 6am. The sputtering noise woke me up so I had to get out of bed to fill it up. Then, after realizing I was the ONLY one awake, I decided to enjoy the time with God alone :)

I made some coffee and then read the January 1st page in my new devotional book that I got for free from Grace to you. They sent them out in October I think, and I have really been looking forward to reading it. I read a page here or there during November and December, but I am hoping to actually read it each morning (or sometime each day anyway) throughout the year. I would love to start being the first one awake again. My time each morning with God is so precious!

Last night, Mr. Amazing took me out on a date! We haven't been on a real date in so long! It was fabulous! I got to have him all to myself :) Did we stay up until midnight to bring in the new year? No. We were all too tired (well, everyone other than my boys, who possibly stayed up watching movies, but I was too tired to care!). We do have plans to talk about the new year today. I have an activity from our curriculum that I skipped earlier this year that would be perfect to help the kids understand what exactly makes it a new year. It should be a fun day!

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