Friday, January 7, 2011

Women Counseling Women

This book was written by several Christian women and was generally edited by Elyse Fitzpatrick. All of the contributors to this book have experienced different sins and situations in their lives. They all lovingly and gently wrote their chapters with gospel healing in mind. Every chapter also held different ways to see sin in your life and also ways to see how the gospel applies to them, and how to let it change you. I love that while each chapter was only long enough to briefly touch on a subject, they all offered suggestions for other books that would cover that topic more in depth. And we were repeatedly directed to the appendix on page 321 where Elyse Fitzpatrick wrote the most beautiful retelling of the gospel I have ever read.

This book is an amazing tool for any Christian counselor! It helps you to see how to apply the gospel to any and every situation in women’s lives. While not every chapter title described something in my life, I read the entire book. Each and every chapter held some piece of biblical wisdom that could be applied to my life, even if it was writing about a sin or circumstance that didn’t describe me. By reading the book in its entirety I got a greater grasp on how to apply the gospel to every situation or sin in life.

There were so many wonderful words in this book that I could spend all day writing down my favorite quotes from it. However I will just share one with you:
True freedom is living every day fighting sin, believing that God's promises are better, and knowing He does and will reward those who seek Him. ~Karrie Hahn

Disclosure of Material Connection: This book was required reading for the Women Discipling Women group that I am part of through my church. I ordered the book on Amazon.


Worldview: Biblical

Target Audience: Women

Positive Elements: Teaching us to apply the gospel to our lives.

Inappropriate Language: None

Unbiblical Content: There were at least 3 different clarifications of Proverbs 22:6 in this book, all of which said that it meant something different. All were good thoughts and very helpful, but two of them contradicted each other.

Other Negative Elements: None

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  1. I've seen this book and considered reading it... Now, maybe I will. :)