Thursday, January 13, 2011

She melted my heart

Mama's Losin' It
This week for MamaKat's writer's workshop I am responding to prompt #2: The last time my heart melted was because…

I was waiting for my husband to get home. He was at work, and I had a meeting to go to. Knowing he could be home any minute I put on my coat, gloves and scarf and went out into the cold to warm up the van. I no sooner open the van door than I hear the front door open, I look back towards the house to see my beautiful 3 year old daughter poke her head out and say "I wuv you, mommy." She thought I was leaving without saying good bye. My heart melted. I told her I loved her too, and she went back in the house and shut the door. After starting the van I was able to go back in and give her a great big hug! Having children might be stressful at times, but it is so rewarding!


  1. AW!!! That's so cute!!! She's beautiful! Love this photo

  2. Hi Harter,

    Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog. Your daughter is *gorgeous*! I can definitely see how she'd melt your heart!!

    Jess (from

  3. So sweet! She's a real beauty, too!

  4. There is nothing better in the world than hearing one of you children randomly tell you how much they love you!!

  5. What a doll! Those little moments are just the best.