Monday, January 3, 2011

Mr. Monday

So I have been contemplating joining up with Marriage Monday, but it looks like they only post once a month... So I thought I would create a Mr. Monday, where I posted about Mr. Amazing each Monday. I haven't worked out any details on what I'm posting... I'll get to that eventually though :)

So today I am sharing one of my new favorite photos:

I shared this photo on my other blog already, but I love it! New Years morning my oldest boy came downstairs and crowned me "Queen Mommy", then a little later our younger boy crowned Mr. Amazing "King Daddy". It was so cute! So this is our photo, the King and Queen :)

On a side note, Mr. Amazing forbid me to post these pictures on Facebook... I really wanted this to be my new profile picture :( But he didn't say anything about my blog! (Which he doesn't read... so I think I'm okay... but if he requests me too, the picture might disappear... Just a forewarning)


  1. What a great idea!! May your Mondays be blessed and thanks for sharing the photo :-)

  2. I agree, what a great idea :)