Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful for you

On this Thankful Thursday we have been prompted by Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage to write our post about who our best online friend is. While I don't normally like ranking the people in my life (it can cause hurt feelings), I will this one time. First you must understand that most of my closest friends are all online friends. Most of my closest online friends I met through the Christian Mommies community that is part of the online network called Circle of Moms. Victoria, Anne, Tam, Kristie, Robin, and Stephanie (along with a few others) have been on my facebook friends list for almost longer than I can remember and I have never met any of them in person (though several of us exchanged Christmas cards this year). I almost got to meet Anne this Christmas, but a snow storm and car trouble got in our way. As she comes to Colorado every year for Christmas we are hoping that God will allow us to get together next year. Back when I was the admin of the Christian Mommies group I asked Anne to be my moderator. Around a year later we asked Victoria to come on to help us out as well. Eventually I handed the community over to Victoria as my migraines were growing in intensity and the medication they put me on effected my ability to think clearly. Through this adventure we have all become very close friends and I am very thankful for them both.

I am thankful for Tam who led an online Bible study for moms on Circle of Moms. She taught me so much about the things we studied and helped guide me to a better understanding of how to not only apply the Bible to my life, but understand it as more than words on a page.

Stephanie is such an inspiration to me. It is so fun watching her faith in Christ and the knowledge of Scripture grow. I am so thankful for her!

Kristie, well she's just Kristie! She's wonderful just for being her and being a servant of Christ, and I am thankful for her friendship. :)

While all of these dear women hold a special place in my heart I must say that over the years Robin and I are the closest. God has brought us through some of the same trials and we are able to help each other through. We share the same views on pretty much everything, we are both bloggers, and stay home moms. She truly is my BFF, and I am thankful that God has brought us together through the internet.

I am very thankful for all of my online friends. My lovely blog readers that encourage me, my facebook friends, my Circle of Moms friends (even the ones that I only communicate with there). God has truly blessed me through my computer. These ladies that I may possibly never meet on this earth have touched my life in ways they will probably never, ever know. God is amazing!

It's always great to encourage others! If you would like to write a post about how thankful you are for your online friends go ahead and link up with us this Thankful Thursday over at Lynn's blog.


  1. How wonderful to have community and exhort one another. :)

  2. Isn't God just wonderful? Making sure that we Christian wives & Mommies find one another on line? Never dreamed how great blogging would be when I started in August. You all lift me up every day. I rejoice with you in having these precious friends. stopping by once again for thankful thursdays. blessings, k

  3. I like the chronology of the name of your blog. I've always found that when, by God's grace, I keep those 3 things in order, life is do-able and blessed.

  4. Thanks, Karen! I am a very firm believe that it's important to keep them in that order!