Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do you Sudoku?

Mr. Amazing loves computer games. He is always telling me that he found a new game I would like, and while most of the time he is right, I tend to steer clear of them. Computer games tend to eat up valuable time that could be used for something productive. Most importantly, they generally take up the time that I would be spending in God's Word. So for the most part, I don't play computer games... until this week. My wonderful, fabulous, Mr. Amazing has me hooked on Sudoku. I LOVE math, and it's just like the perfect game! However, after spending hours (okay, days) playing Sudoku, I can feel the distance growing between me and God. I just feel like I'm in a haze. I can't seem to focus on anything, reading is becoming difficult, and to be quite honest, I am dreaming about what number could go in which box! I think there could be a time and a place for games, but I have never been able to find one that works for me.

My question is, do you play computer games? If so, do you set a specific time to do so, or a time limit per day? Do you steer clear of them all together? While I think playing Sudoku is extremely fun, I fail to see any benefit from it. I think it could be a great tool in helping my children with their math skills... but I think for me it is probably just another mind numbing distraction. Any thoughts?


  1. I steer clear of computer games too! They eat up so much time (social networks are the same but I can't seem to quit those). I do like sudoku. We have one of those cheap sudoku books. Every now and than I'll pick it up and do a puzzle or two. I do agree that sudoku is addictive. Nerd much? lol :P

  2. Sudoku helps me relax. Weird, but when I can't wind down closer to bedtime, it does just the trick. Reading will keep me up because I could read forever, so this is perfect. I did make the mistake of downloading a Sudoku app to my phone and I can waste a lot of time doing that one. Bookworm is my other computer/phone game that I adore. The way I see it, I'm exercising my mind and that's a good thing!