Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cutting back

I have been really overwhelmed lately by my lack of time to do the things that I wanted to do. One of the things I have been bothered by is my lack of time to read the blogs that I wanted to read. :( I haven't been to visit several of my favorite blogs lately! I decided that I was following too many blogs (over 60...) so I cut back! My problem is that I accidentally deleted a few that I really liked :( So if I deleted your blog from my list, it was possibly an accident. Or I might just visit you frequently through other means and will still be by without having you on my list. I cut my list by over half (granted I would like to find the ones that were deleted by accident and add them back on...). I really wanted to cut back to 20-25, but it's just so hard to give up on the blogs that I love! We will see if I have time to start reading and following the ones on my list, otherwise, I will have to cut back again :(

I'm not just cutting back on blogs, I also cut back the number of online communities that I was part of, and I am probably (hopefully) going to go through my e-mail and unsubscribe to several lists. Then I'm thinking about going through my facebook friends list? I know others who do it once a year, and I have never really gone through mine to see who all was on it... Just a thought there though. I don't like de-friending people...

But for now, I thought that I would share some of the lovely buttons for the blogs that I am following. They don't all have buttons, but here are some of the ones that do:
The Goodwin Family
Homesteader's Heart

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  1. You know, I did the same thing not to long ago. It's hard to do sometimes. I am glad to see that I made the cut though. LOL!
    Thanks for stopping by when you can.
    Have a great night.