Monday, January 10, 2011

Mr. Monday

Mr. Amazing was sick all last week. He had a nasty cold that completely knocked him off his feet :( I am so glad that he is feeling better now!!!

Have I mentioned that he is amazing? Last night he brought me supper when he got off work, but he also brought me lunch for the kids. I need to go shopping, but I haven't yet, and he knows that I'm not as content to eat peanut butter sandwiches as the kids (it's one of their favorite foods... weird, I know). He is so silly that while he brought me such wonderful food to eat, he didn't bring himself anything, and ended up cooking himself some eggs :( I totally would have cooked for him, but he didn't tell me he didn't bring himself anything or that he was hungry, he just started cooking. I love that he doesn't expect me to do everything, even though I love taking care of him! He is so amazing!!

What about you? Do you have something encouraging about your Mr. Man to share with me this week?

***I just found this great challenge that goes along great with Mr. Monday! It's hosted by At The Well:
Let’s set aside time this week to intentionally pray for our husbands. Our husbands need our prayers, so let’s work on building them up this week. Here are suggestions for each day (Ideas formed from The Power of a Praying Wife):

Monday: His Work

Tuesday: His Integrity

Wednesday: His Mind

Thursday: His Purpose

Friday: His Health

Saturday: His Protection

Sunday: His Faith

If you want to complete the challenge, you can link up over At The Well by clicking the button below:


  1. Thanks Harter,
    It's always an encouragement in the right direction when I'm encouraged to praise and pray for my husband!

  2. So sweet... Thanks for the daily prayer idea. I tend to pray the same thing every day, so this might help. :)