Monday, January 10, 2011


As part of the My One Word challenge, they send out e-mails with reflection questions and links to a related post on their site. Today's post was entitled Wardrobe Changes (you can view it (here).The assignment is: Take a few moments and journal about the type of person you want to be at the end of 2011. How would you want this person to be described? What are some characteristics that would define this person? For those who have already chosen your One Word, what effect do you hope this word will have on your character? How will you have to posture yourself to make that change a reality?

My thoughts:
I would like to be described as a Christian. Not just a 'yeah, she goes to church and believes that Bible stuff.' But I want there to be no doubt in anyones mind that my top priority is serving Christ, reflecting His attitude, and sharing His love with others.

I hope that by reflecting on the word 'doulos' over the year that it will help me to remember that Christ is my number one priority. The EVERYTHING I do and even think should be done to please Him.

There is a lot of changing I want to do over the next year.I want to be transformed into a slave of Christ. To make that change a reality, I need to focus on Christ more. I need to spend more time in God's Word and in prayer. I need to surround myself with His commands and desires. Then ultimately I need to surrender to His will.

So far this year I have been doing okay at this. Not great, but not completely terrible. I have made time each morning to read a short devotion, and I am spending time each day in God's Word (but not as much as I would like). I continue to fail at being the example I want to be for my children though. I am also failing to take the time I want to each morning to pray. I need to start getting up a bit earlier so I have more one on one time with God each morning.

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  1. Thanks for this post. Your answers are so honest and thought provoking.

    Although I read the email this morning I haven't taken the the time to write out my answers to the questions yet... I need to work on that!