Thursday, June 9, 2011

Circle of influence

I always think of the best blog post ideas after I am in bed for the night. If I write them down, then I'm up all night writing ideas and don't get any sleep, but then if I don't write them down I forget! It's so frustrating!!! Last night I had the worlds best blog post idea... but I don't remember it now, so you get stuck with this. I feel for you, I really do.

I mentioned before that I was doing a book study through "The True Woman" by Susan Hunt with a group of my sisters in Christ on line. We have officially started our study and are reading chapter 1. Today, I am pondering on the circle of influence that we have as women. I think that we have more influence on those around us than we think, or wish we did. Susan Hunt quoted an old article that described this well. Here is my paraphrase of it: "We have the power to influence others for good or for bad. We influence others with our virtues, or vices. We influence them with our wisdom and or or blunders, ignorance, and folly."

No matter what we are doing or saying, it is influencing someone. Most often, it is influencing our children. They don't just get influenced by the good things that we do, but by EVERY word and action. That is so humbling to me!!

Just by reading a book, we can influence our children that reading is fun. By washing the dishes or doing laundry, we can influence them that cleaning and homemaking is important. By reading our Bibles, praying, and singing worship songs, we can influence them for Christ. But on the flip side, sitting around idly, we influence them that laziness is okay. By not staying on top of the dishes and laundry, we influence them that housekeeping and homemaking aren't a priority. By pursuing selfish interests, we send the message that you have to lookout for yourself first, and if you don't take care of yourself no one will.

All of this thought brings me to Proverbs 14:1 ~ The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. When we are being wise women, we take into account that our words and actions (good or bad) influence others and choose to be more careful. When we are being foolish women, we tear down those around us, even if we don't realize we are doing it. We influence others without thought, and carelessly tarnish our witness for Christ.

On a much lighter side note, I have recently found a wonderful blog entitled "The Imperfect Housewife". She does a link-up on Thursdays for anyone who writes about motherhood, homeschooling, homemaking, etc. Check it out!

The Imperfect Housewife


  1. I love books that make us think! I'll have to check out The True Woman:)
    Stopping by from The Imperfect Housewife Thursday Link Up:)
    Faith On Fire

  2. It's such a good reminder to remember our influence! (Visiting from the Thursday link-up.) :)