Monday, June 6, 2011

Mr. Monday: In-law or in-love?

Welcome back for Mr. Monday! I love Monday's! Today my Mr. was home sick :( but on the plus side, I am just so thankful for the relationship between my mother and Mr. Amazing. Not all mother-in-laws and son-in-laws have such wonderful relationships, and I know that I am blessed.

My mom and husband don't merely tolerate one another for my sake, but they really do care for each other. I would say that they aren't just in-laws, but family-in-love. My husband looks forward to my mother's visits, just as I look forward to when his parent's come to visit. He enjoys making her visits as special as they can be, and has even requested that we take a family photo while she is here, so we can have the whole family in it (including her).

Likewise, my mom has told me numerous times how happy she is that I have Mr. Amazing in my life. She enjoys doing things with him, and has never said anything bad about him. I know that marriage doesn't depend on a health relationship between spouses and parents, but it really does help. It makes being married such a beautiful thing, instead of turning two relationships into a chore that you would rather avoid if could. I have heard enough horror stories about these relationships to know that I am blessed beyond measure in my marriage.

So my question for you this Mr. Monday is: Do you have in-laws or in-loves? What about your husband? Does he love your family?

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