Monday, June 27, 2011

Mr. Monday: Love does...

It's Mr. Monday!

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. ~ 1 Corinthians 13:7


Those four words are everything I want out of someone who loves me. Did you ever think about it that way? God created us with the desire to be loved, not a physical love, but an emotional love. He created us to be loved the way He loves us.

When I think of Mr. Amazing, I know that he will protect me at all costs. He is my strong defender here on earth. He protects me from all kinds of things. From people talking bad about me in his presence, our children driving me bonkers, and from anything that might potentially harm me physically or emotionally. Mr. Amazing also trusts me. He trusts me to care for our children and for him. He hopes that I am happy, and that his trust isn't misplaced. He hopes to be with me forever, that our love will persevere. He stays with me through thick and thin. When I screw up, or times are hard, he doesn't jump ship, but we persevere together. He loves me. With a real love, not a superficial love. (and of course I love him too!)

This is also a picture of Christ's love for us. He won't abandon us, but His love will persevere for all of eternity, no matter how much we fail, screw up, or come up short. He trusts that we will do our best, and knows that we can't do it without Him. He hopes that we will do better and put our trust in Him. We can count on Christ to protect us (even if His idea of protection seems different than ours), and we know that His love is eternal. That it will endure forever and ever.

If we look at it on the flip side, we can see what love doesn't do. Love isn't something that doesn't care if others are hurt. It doesn't lie or assume the worst. It always hopes for the best, and does all that it can. Love doesn't give up on you, it doesn't trade you for a new passing fancy, and it doesn't cause you pain for selfish reasons. I'm so thankful that Christ loves me with a love that perseveres, trusts, hopes, and protects. I'm thankful that Mr. Amazing does too.


  1. Hi Heather, Thank you for your message :) I'm going to follow you, your blog is very beautiful.