Thursday, June 16, 2011

The True Woman: Chapter1

The True Woman by Susan Hunt: Chapter 1 reflection

“The true woman is a reflection of her redemption… Because she is the very dwelling place of the Lord God, her reflection of Him is manifested in every relationship and circumstance of life.”

By the above text from the first chapter of The True Woman by Susan Hunt, would you qualify yourself as a true woman? I know that I sure wouldn’t. I fall short so often, in fact, I don’t even think saying that I fall short often would be correct at all. I NEVER hit that mark. I would love to, but there is too much of the world in me. That’s the one thing that sunk in the deepest when I was reading this chapter. The four cardinal virtues were brought up, and honestly, I had to look up piety (it means spiritual devotion). Is that bad or what! I am SOO thankful that she will be going into each of these in more detail later in the book!

I was humbled by the fact that we ALL have a certain amount of power over those around us, for good or for harm? Do you ever stop to think about the fact that while we can influence others for good, we can (and do) influence them with our vices, folly, and degradation. This is a very sobering thought to me.

I love it when the true woman in me comes out, when I am able to see that while my physical heart gets weaker, my heart for the Lord and His people gets stronger. I love reassuring myself with the words, “Okay Lord, I don’t know what you are doing, but I am confident that you will use this to take me deeper into Your love for me.”

These are just a few things that I highlighted while reading this chapter. The whole true woman vs. the new woman really hit me hard. There is so much new in me! I often wish that I was born before the new woman era, but as Susan Hunt points out, wishing isn’t the answer. The answer comes from reflecting our redemption right where we are.

God is the King of glory, and we are His redeemed daughters, and this is the time and place that we are to reflect our redemption.

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