Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Preparations

“Honor your father..." ~Exodus 20:12

I think that everyone who follows my blog has to know how much I love my Mr! In fact, I love him so much that I just got back from the grocery store, where I shopped for all of our fathers day supplies. Why is that love you may ask? Because I had four small children in tow. Shopping with four small children is stressful! The mom in me wants to teach them how to behave in the grocery store, but we normally shop with Mr. Amazing, and he is an amazing father who teaches the kids how to have fun at the grocery store... this makes shopping alone with them quite stressful.

Nonetheless, we got all of our shopping done. I have all of the ingredients to bake his cake and mix up the frosting. We picked out his cards, and his gift. Plus, we got a few other items that we were out of, and are now back home (where I am regaining my sanity). I still need to do the cooking, but the gift is wrapped and the cards are signed. I'm planning on updating the photo in the frame that we got him last year for Father's day. Then I think everything will be under control. Unfortunately he had to work tonight, but it gave me the time I needed to get things done.

I'm contemplating having the kids all do some sort of craft for him, but I'm unsure. They painted yesterday morning and they have all been begging to do it again. I might have them paint pictures for daddy... maybe. I was hoping to publish the book that wrote for Ty as his father's day gift for the kids, but I couldn't find the cover that he made for it (it's currently printed and contained in a binder). I finally broke down and filled him in on the plan so that he would make a new cover. He was excited and is hoping to have it done before his parents get here next month so that he can give a copy to them... I don't know if it will happen that fast or not. If not, I will just mail them a copy.

What kind of things do you all do to celebrate father's day?

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